Spike (slope) triggering

This mode monitors the analogue input channels. If the difference between two samples is higher than the programmed value (in either positive or negative direction) the trigger event will be detected. The programmed pulsewidth is simply set in the appropriate code register of the M2i card driver software.

The next trigger event will only be detected if the triggered recording period has finished sampling and the card has re-armed and is waiting for the next trigger.
Spike trigger. An trigger event on either postive or negative-going spikes
An example of where this mode can be useful is in the monitoring of power supply lines and triggering on noise or spikes.

The spike (slope) function can also be combined in a AND / OR logic arrangement with other sources, e.g. a software trigger (such as key press), or a signal from the card's optional BASEXIO TTL inputs.

The above is just a summary of the steepness (gradient) triggering features. Full details can be found in the user manual.

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