The ultra fast Spectrum 14 and 8 bit Arbitrary Waveform Generators of the 60xx and 61xx series cover a wide variety of applications and using the drivers provided with each hardware purchase the boards can be programmed and loaded with data from arbitrary signal files. However to have an even easier and faster access to the Waveform Generators we are now delivering these boards with the FREE virtual function generator; SPEasyGenerator.
SPEasyGenerator image showing control panel (27K)
The user interface is designed with the look and feel of common stand-alone generators. A simple mouse-click changes signal shape, frequency, offset, amplitude or filter settings, no text programming is required to do this. The signals available are the commonly used symmetrical waveforms; sine, square and triangle. SPEasyGenerator supports all Arbitrary Waveform Generators in the Spectrum series. Depending on the board chosen, signal generators with 1 to 4 channels and sampling rates of 20/60/125 MS/s are available and can be ordered in PCI-Express, PCI/PCI-X, CompactPCI 3U or 6U or PXI interface versions. Each channel can drive 3V levels in 50 Ohm load, (with a amplifier option available for most models to provide 10V at 1M Ohm, 5V at 50 Ohm).

SPEasyGenerator is based on LabWindows/CVI and is available as a LabWindows/CVI example with complete source code. With this source SPEasyGenerator is not only a good solution for general laboratory use and installed board test, but also for the programmer as the base for their own programming work. The software is of modular construction and contains three parts for the programmer access; the user interface, hardware access, and signal generation.

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