Does the PCI Docking Station need special drivers?
For Windows 7 onwards no drivers are required except for those of your card. No changes will be required to your PCI card drivers.
Which operating systems are supported?
a) Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
b) Mac OS X (use version 10.4+ for the cardbus (pcmcia) interface)
c) Red Hat Linux 2.6+
d) OS/2 is not supported.
Is it possible to use Notebooks run with the PCI Docking Station?
Sorry, no. Unfortunately a suitable interface card is no longer available. It is still possible to use the PCI Docking Station with most desktop and industrial PC's
Which type of PCI cards work in the Docking Stations?
It is impossible to test every PCI board, however if it works in a standard PC it should operate fine in a Docking Station this being just an extension of the same interface. It is however a good idea check if the PCI card is designed for 5 volt or 3.3V I/O communication. If it can handle both then it's no problem. Alternatively just let us know which voltage you need and we will configure the Docking Station power to suit.
How long is the interface cable between PCI Docking Station and Notebook?
1.0 metre as standard. A cable of 1.5 m is available on request and can be substituted for the standard one at time of order (at reduced cost) or ordered separately later. A greater length than 1,5m is not available.
What about data transfer rate. How fast is it?
Data transfers very much dependent on the bandwidth of the interface to the PC, for the docking stations a number of interface cards options are available. Typically transfer speeds are in the region 25 to 100MBytes per second, with the PCI Express card interface being fastest. This transfer limit ultimately decides performance as the three slot model (DOCK3PCI) has a PCI bus bandwidth of 255MByte/sec for 64bit/33MHz on its internal backplane. These are theoretical maximums, any reduction in transfer will be from the number of installed PCI cards (as bandwidth is shared), PC, your card drivers and the application software.
In which way is the driver installed?
Drivers are not required on Mac OS X, Linux, MS Windows operating systems 7 and later.
Are there restrictions concerning the PCI bus to take care about?
The PCI-Docking Station is designed according to "PCI-to-PCI Bridge Architecture Specification Revision 1.2" of "PCI Special Interest Group". The built-in PCI boards must share one IRQ and be plug and play for MS Windows. This should be no problem, because it is part of the PCI-specifications.
What length can PCI boards can be installed into the Docking Station?
The PCI-Docking Station series supports boards to up to full length (314mm). Some full-length boards come with a plastic support bracket which adds to their length and normally held with two screws, this will require removing. The Docking Station has its own design of physical card support.

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