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Dataquest Solutions now supply a new range of 16 channel 16-bit signal capture cards, from manufacturer Spectrum GmbH; the M2i.47xx series.
News from Dataquest Solutions (18 December 2006)

For signal capture applications requiring a combination of ultra-high-speed sampling and resolution, the Spectrum M2i.46xx series of 16bit data acquisition boards features sample rates to 3Msample/s and up to eight input channels.
News from Dataquest Solutions (03 September 2006)

A dedicated PXI chassis with all the computer processing built in can provide a particularly dependable test package for the manufacturing environment.
News from Dataquest Solutions (28 April 2006)

Two new models of ruggedised portable PCs provide flexible go-anywhere platforms for data acquisition hardware.
News from Dataquest Solutions (31 January 2006)

Dataquest Solutions can now supply the next generation of Spectrum board-based instrumentation for the PCI and PCI-X bus.
News from Dataquest Solutions (28 October 2005)

SPEasyGenerator provides a rapid way to generate standard signals from an on screen virtual panel, not unlike that found on the standard bench top waveform generator
News from Dataquest Solutions (15 July 2005)

A new range of amplifier boards allows 8 and 14bit arbitrary waveform generators to generate output swings of +/-10V.
News from Dataquest Solutions (30 June 2005)

Trigger controlled data acquisition is a very useful way of controlling signal capture, particularly at very high sample rates.
News from Dataquest Solutions (18 March 2005)

Care in choosing a suitably rugged PC, be it a notebook, tablet or chassis, is crucial where it is envisaged the system is to be used outside the relatively benign environment of the office.
News from Dataquest Solutions (04 March 2005)

Dataquest Solutions has a range of rugged PCs that fit in with the many facets of industry and outdoor work, by ensuring all systems are equipped with suitable levels environmental protection
News from Dataquest Solutions (22 February 2005)

Use of RAID options. Capturing signals using PC based instrumentation at tens or hundreds of megabytes per second inevitably hits a bottleneck when continuous streaming to the hard disk is required.
News from Dataquest Solutions (16 November 2004)

SPViewIT is a new generation of ultra-high-speed signal capture software that overcomes the problems typically encountered when capturing external signals at extreme speeds directly onto a PC.
News from Dataquest Solutions (27 September 2004)

A series of pattern generation boards available in PCI, 6U CompactPCI and PXI formats offers the speed and power required for testing all today's high-speed logic devices.
News from Dataquest Solutions (20 July 2004)

Spectrum has developed a new, advanced and extensive range of CompactPCI and PXI board products.
News from Dataquest Solutions (02 December 2003)

The Spectrum Mi70 series has been designed to meet requirements for ultrafast bit capture and generation with speeds up to 125Msample/s.
News from Dataquest Solutions (14 October 2003)

A novel range of PC-Card docking stations enables standard PCI data acquisition hardware to be used in the field with notebook PCs.
News from Dataquest Solutions (11 September 2003)

With an aggregate sample rate up to 200Msample/s, the MI30 series of PCI data acquisition boards provides a way to capture the extremely rapid signal events with excellent resolution
News from Dataquest Solutions (26 August 2003)

The Spectrum PCI ultra-high-speed board range pushes forward the boundaries of PC-based data acquisition and waveform generation.
News from Dataquest Solutions (19 August 2003)