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PCI Docking Station

Docking stations make available extra PCI slots when a computer has few or no such slots available. Computer motherboards no longer come with PCI slots, (now superseded by PCI-Express), however the docking station allows legacy card designs to still be used. It also makes access to the PCI cards easy which is ideal for development and test work. By insertion of different PCI boards it is possible to build a system with almost limitless functionality, for example a signal capture, waveform generator and a digital bus analyser card, all within the same enclosure. To the installed card(s) the docking station is essentially transparent, so works just like a card installation into a standard PC. Whatever PCI card type you have, regardless of manufacturer, we are well placed to provide a versatile working system.


PCI docking station. Three slot

Up to three PCI cards can be accommodated in this docking station, which provides easy portability if used with a Notebook PC, or equally well gives plenty of extra expansion space for an industrial compact or desktop PC. The 2U high DOCK3PCI can be rack mounted if required. AC powered and efficiently cooled this versatile system boasts a 550 watt power supply to allow high powered ½, ¾ and full-length PCI boards to be fitted.

Connection to a desktop and many types of industrial computer are made via a cable and PCI-Express or PCI interface card. A 1.0 metre cable is provided as standard. Further details for the interface cards provided in the table lower down on this page, as well as an option for a 1.5 metre cable is so desired.

link to the detailed specifications for 3 slot docking stationThree slot Docking Station datasheet

Specifications overview

DOCK3PCI-ACFThree417 x 333 x 894.1KgInternal 100...240V AC

Cable Options
Longer cable for connecting Docking Stations to Notebook PC. 1.5m (standard is 1.0m). DOCKxPCI-CAB1.5

Interface to desktop and compact PC's
PCI card

Low profile single lane 250MByte/sec PCI-Express interface card option to slot inside a desktop or compact industrial PC.

Order code: DOCK-PCIe
PCI card PCI interface card (32 bit/33MHz) card option to slot inside a desktop or compact industrial PC. This is a full-height card.

Order code: PCIE1F68

OS compatibility:-Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS X (versions 10.4 +),
Also Windows Server 2003, 2008 and Redhat Linux 2.6+, Solaris (PCI and PCIe host cards only).

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