MI.72xx: Digital Pattern Generator with programmable logic levels up to 40 MS/s

All board formats share an almost identical technical specification, however for Compact PCI and PXI it is recommended that the PDF
data sheets lower down on this page are also viewed.


mi72 board range

Options included

Available options More information on options

Product range overview


Max Sample rate

name 8 bit 16 bit 32 bit
MI.7210 10 MS/s 10 MS/s  
MI.7211 10 MS/s 10 MS/s 5 MS/s
MI.7220 40 MS/s 40 MS/s  
MI.7221 40 MS/s 40 MS/s 40 MS/s

Software included (all board formats)

pdf link[PDF data sheet]
pdf link[PDF manual sheet]
[SBench 5.x full version]

pdf linkPDF data sheet for Compact PCI (Mc72xx) format    [103 KB]     pdf linkPDF data sheet for PXI (Mx72xx) format    [100 KB]

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