M4i.77xx-x8: 32 bit, 720 mega samples/sec., x8-lane PCIe digital input card

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Choose from digital pattern models single ended or differential
Ultra-fast digital signal capture and replay: up to 720 mega samples/sec
Configurable to 8, 16 or 32 bit widths
Universal logic level compatibility in range -3V to +5V, (max differential +/-8V)
Versatile trigger features, including pattern recognition and fast auto re-arm
Special asynchronous digital channels, 2 input + 2 output, programmable status for run, arm & Timestamp Ref.
Deep 4 giga byte memory as standard
FIFO (streaming) mode for giga byte/sec transfer speed from the PC
Ultra-fast Gen2 x8 lane PCI Express interface

M4i.7732-x8, 32 bit 720MS/sec digital I/O PCIe card with introductory video link describing performance, operating modes and software interface

The M4i.77xx-x8 is a series of truly universal digital pattern PCI-Express cards, capable of accepting and capturing many different logic levels, from low level up to high level (-3 to +5 volts). This covers the many digital standards that have evolved over the years, which now tend to lower voltages and higher speeds transmission speeds. The Gen2 8-lane PCI express interface, combined with large on-board memory, provides ultra-fast data transfer for burst or long period signal capture. The PCIe interface and three quarter PCB length makes this card compatible with a wide range computer and chassis combinations.

Using the Star Hub option this card can be exactly synchronised to other Spectrum M4i.77xx cards to provide increased number of channels. Versatile Windows / Linux drivers, provide a means of programming the M4i.77xx series in text code, MATLAB, LabVIEW and LabWindowsCVI. Whilst the cards have been designed using the latest technology, they are still software compatible with the drivers from earlier Spectrum digital I/O cards, allowing existing customers with the software they developed for an earlier card an easy upgrade route with just a few code changes.

Standard features

  • Single Shot signal capture and generation from the card's memory
  • FIFO mode for streaming signal data for long periodsmore info
  • Dedicated connection for external trigger input, programmable threshold in 1 mV (analogue) steps on single ended version
  • Dedicated connection for external clock input, or to output the cards sampling clock. 3.3V logic, DIFF or SE depending on version
  • State Clock mode. Tolerant of gaps in received external clock signal
  • Two general purpose connectors configurable as asynchronous digital-in or digital out, or as trigger output, or as armed and run status lines
  • Positive and negative edge trigger
  • High and low level trigger
  • Trigger to a pre-programmed set pattern
  • AND/OR multiple trigger event combinations
  • Programmable delay until trigger recognition
  • SBench 6.x windows software
  • Memory: 4 Gbytes
  • Input impedance. 125 ohm differential, selectable 75 ohm or 4.7K ohm single-ended

Enhancements included more info

  • Multiple Recording - multiple sequential bit-pattern record and replay using fast repetitive triggers, auto re-arm
  • Gated Sampling - bit pattern recording length controlled by trigger level
  • Timestamp - records the time of each trigger event

Special (cost) option

  • Synchronisation Star Hub - Synchronise up to 8 cards
  • SCAPP software - Access a CUDA-based GPU directly from the digital card. A very powerful way to digitise and process signals.
  • Remote Server - Programme, control and monitor Spectrum M2p, M2i, M3i or M4i cards in a remote location

Product range overview

    max sample rate
Name Bits LVDS Single-Ended SDR state clock DDR state clock
M4i.7710-x8 8, 16, 32   125MS/s 125MS/s  
M4i.7720-x8 8, 16, 32   250MS/s 250MS/s  
M4i.7725-x8 8, 16, 32 250MS/s   250MS/s  
M4i.7730-x8 8, 16, 32   720MS/s 350MS/s 700MS/s
M4i.7735-x8 8, 16, 32 720MS/s   350MS/s 700MS/s


  • Standard drivers Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7, 8, 10 and Linux
  • SBench 6.x signal generation and processing software for Windows / Linux
  • Drivers for LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI. (VEE and Dasylab by special order)
  • Driver for MATLAB


pdf link [PDF data sheet]
pdf link [PDF manual]

[SBench 6.x] Windows / Linux download allows testing of SBench functionality with or without hardware.

More information can be easily requested from our catalogues and pricing web page, or feel free to contact DataQuest Solutions directly.

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