M4i.22xx-x8: 8 bit, 5 giga samples/sec, Gen2 x8-lane PCIe signal recorder

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Ultra-fast sampling: up to 5 giga samples/sec on two or four channels
1.5 GHz analogue input bandwidth on models with A/D converters 2.5 and 5 giga samples/sec. 
Simultaneous sampling on all channels
4 input ranges as standard from 200 mV to 2.5 V (via buffered path) more info
High sensitivity option available 40 mV to 0.5 V (bandwidth limit 700 MHz)
Versatile recording trigger features, including auto re-arm
3 synchronous digital channels with multi-purpose I/O facility
4 giga sample (4 Gbyte) memory
FIFO (streaming) mode for giga byte data transfer speed to the PC
Ultra-fast Gen2 x8 lane PCI Express interface

M4i.22xx GHz signal capture card board image with introductory video link describing dynamic performance, operating modes and software interface

Capable of sampling in the realm of nano seconds and provide up to 1.5 GHz input bandwidth, the M4i.22xx-x8 series use the very latest in A/D and amplifier technology. Each input channel has its own carefully designed amplifier section giving synchronous zero phase delay between multiple channels (or cards, see Star Hub option below), plus excellent dynamic performance, ultra low internal noise and hence precision results. The second generation 8-lane PCI express interface provides transfer speeds to the PC in excess of 3 Gbyte/sec. This interface and the three quarter PCB length is designed to complement the very latest computer and chassis combinations. The extremely large 4 Gbyte on-board memory allows the highest sampling rates to be maintained, helping buffer the data should the PC hard drive bandwidth prove restrictive. Fast solid-state drives (SSD) in RAID 0 configuration complement this card well. The cards memory may also be used for simply storing ultra-fast burst captures without restriction.

Standard features

  • FIFO mode more info
  • 8 bit resolution analogue channel trigger.
  • Dedicated connection for external trigger input, programmable in 1 mV (analogue) steps, or for TTL
  • Dedicated connection for external TTL clock input, or to output the cards sampling clock
  • Three general purpose digital I/O connectors configurable as asynchronous or synchronous to sampling, or as trigger output, armed and run status lines
  • Positive and negative edge trigger more info
  • Auto re-arm on edge trigger more info
  • High and low level trigger more info
  • Window triggermore info
  • AND/OR multiple trigger event combinations
  • Programmable delay until trigger recognition
  • SBench 6.x windows software
  • Memory: 4 Giga sample (4 Gbyte)
  • Selectable input impedance 50 Ohm

Enhancements included more info

  • ABA mode - Variable sampling speed, jump to fast capture on trigger
  • Multiple Recording - multiple sequential signal capture using fast repetitive triggers, auto re-arm
  • Gated Sampling - signal recording length controlled by trigger level
  • Time stamp - records the time of each trigger event

Special (cost) options

  • Synchronisation Star Hub - Synchronise up to 8 cards
  • M4i.xxxx-spavg - On-board FPGA Signal Processing Firmware Option: Block Average
  • M4i.xxxx-spstat - On-board FPGA Signal Processing Firmware Option: Block Statistics (Peak Detect)
  • SCAPP software - Access a CUDA-based GPU directly from the digitiser card. A very powerful way to digitise and process signals.
  • Remote Server - Programme, control and monitor Spectrum M2p, M2i, M3i or M4i cards in a remote location

Product range overview

  max sample rate  
name 1 channel 2 channel 4 channel bandwidth
M4i.2210-x8 1.25 GS/s     500 MHz
M4i.2211-x8 1.25 GS/s 1.25 GS/s   500 MHz
M4i.2212-x8 1.25 GS/s 1.25 GS/s 1.25 GS/s 500 MHz
M4i.2220-x8 2.5 GS/s     1.5 GHz
M4i.2223-x8 2.5 GS/s 1.25 GS/s   1.5 GHz
M4i.2221-x8 2.5 GS/s 2.5 GS/s   1.5 GHz
M4i.2230-x8 5 GS/s     1.5 GHz
M4i.2233-x8 5 GS/s 2.5 GS/s   1.5 GHz
M4i.2234-x8 5 GS/s 2.5 GS/s 1.25 GS/s 1.5 GHz

Pre-Amplifier modules

Recording very small signals? High frequency wide bandwidth pre-amplifiers are available to enhance the gain range of the M4i range.
Click on the image below for more information.

SPA amplifier module - link to information page


  • Standard drivers XP / Vista / Windows 7, 8, 10 and Linux
  • SBench 6.x signal processing windows software
  • Drivers for LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI. (VEE and Dasylab by special order)
  • Driver for MATLAB


pdf link [PDF data sheet]
pdf link [PDF manual]

[SBench 6.x] Windows/Linux download allows testing of SBench functionality with or without hardware.

More information can be easily requested from our catalogues and pricing web page, or feel free to contact DataQuest Solutions directly.

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