Synchronisation Star-Hub for the M4i series

The Star Hub is an additional module for all M4i boards. It allows synchronisation up to 8 boards with no sampling phase delay between them. With this option, multi-channel system of up of to 32 analogue channels, or 256 digital channels are possible depending on card functionality. Currently synchronisation is just for cards within the same series, for example:

  • M4i.77xx series: synchronisation only with M4i.77xx digital pattern cards
  • M4i.66xx series: synchronisation only with M4i.66xx analogue signal generation (D/A) cards
  • M4i.44xx series: synchronisation only with M4i.44xx analogue signal capture (A/D) cards
  • etc....

It is planned to allow M4i D/A and A/D cards to be synchronised, e.g. for a stimulus - response applications. If you are interested in this please contact us for an update on this feature release.

The version of the Star-Hub (code: M4i.xxxx-SH8ex ) allows synchronisation without the need for an additional system slot, the standard 3/4 length card is extended to full length (312mm). This needs a long PC chassis to suit. Alternatively we offer a daughter board module that fixes on top of the 3/4 length card, (code: M4i.xxxx-SH8tm), the card length stays the same but it does take up the space of an extra slot alongside.

Card showing Star Hub mounted as daughter board

Across the Star Hub, clock and trigger information is common and exchanged between all the cards. Triggers can be combined in a logical OR, so that any card channel can be the source. All cards run at the same sampling rate.

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