Mixed-Mode digital add-on for the Spectrum M2p.65xx-x4 AWG cards

Digital add-on, here shown both with SMB and FX2 connection options on extra slot plate.

Using an optional module for the M2p.65xx-x4 range of AWG cards, 16 additional LVTTL digital multi-purpose I/O lines can be added. The additional digital lines add to the four multi-purpose "XIO" lines that are already standard on the AWG card connector panel. A total of 19 asynchronous (polled) digital inputs are now possible, or 20 asynchronous outputs. The inputs are one less in number as one multi-purpose line is for output only.

Set as outputs the lines to can also operate synchronously to the analogue outputs. The synchronous digital data is stored inside the analogue samples by reducing the resolution. So for example, if using a M2p AWG with 8 analogue channels and the requirement is to output 8 bits of digital data, each analogue channel can be programmed to hold one bit of digital data, reducing the analogue channel resolution to 15 bits. It is also possible to completely use one 16 bit analogue channel to hold 16 bits of digital data.

Physically the digital option is a piggy-back module on the AWG card. For wiring connection it comes in two different versions, one with SMB connectors the other with a FX2 flat-ribbon connector. The SMB-version (M2p.xxxx-DigSMB), shown here on the left of the image, offers ten connectors on the front panel of a second computer PCIe slot bracket space. Six more are available internally. The latter can be used for PC-internal cross connection or via external connection via a third slot bracket. The FX2-version (M2p.xxxx-DigFX2) guarantees compatibility with predecessor products from Spectrum and allows parallel connection of all lines through a single connector.

There is much versatility in setting up the capture of analogue and digital data in the mixed-mode operation, beyond that described above. See the M2p.65xx-x4 datasheet for a listing of functionality. The software drivers allow customised setups that can generate perfectly matching mixed-mode solutions.

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