M2i.60xx: 14 bit PCI / PCI-X / PCI-Express 125 MS/sec arbitrary waveform generator

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Models with 20 MS/s, 60 MS/s or 125MS/s outputs
One, two or four channel versions
Simultaneous generation on all channels
Up to 1 GSample (2 GByte) memory
FIFO mode for 200+ MByte/s data transfer from the PC
Output up to 3 V at 50 Ohm output impedance
Range option 10 V (at 1M Ohm) with special amplifier card option
Offset programmable
3 software selectable filters
Synchronisation possible to other Spectrum M2i D/A, digital and A/D cards


M2i.6022 AWG board image

Standard features

  • Single Shot output and repeated outputs from the card's memory
  • FIFO mode for streaming signal data direct from the PC click here for more FIFO info
  • Trigger from software or externally using an TTL signal
  • External TTL clock input/output
  • Deep standard memory: 256MSample (512 MByte)
  • Three software selectable filters
  • On-board memory data replay (repeat) function

Enhancements included More information on enhancements

  • Multiple Replay - multiple sequential signal replay using fast repetitive triggers, auto re-arm
  • Gated Sampling - signal recording length controlled by trigger level
  • Sequence Replay Mode - programmable loop, jump to different waveform on event, dynamic update of waveform data

Special (cost) options More information on options

  • BASEXIO - Extra asynchronous digital I/O with additional trigger lines
  • Additional digital outputs - each synchronous to analogue channel update
  • Memory upgrade to 512 MSample or 1 GS
  • Synchronisation Star Hub - synchronise up to 16 cards
  • System Star Hub - synchronise up to 17 Star Hub systems

10V Amplifier module option

10Vamp_board (3K) This amplifier option is available in 1, 2 or 4 channel configurations and fits alongside the main board in a second slot, this separate card design ensuring good heat dissipation. The high 30MHz bandwidth of these amplifiers allows use with all generators, ranging from the entrance-version with 20 MSamples/sec, up to the high-end version with 125 MSamples/sec operating through 25 MHz output filters. When using high impedance termination the full output swing of 10 V is available, (5 V when used with 50 ohm termination). Available in PCI-Express, PCI, PXI and cPCI (3U) versions.

pdf link[PDF data sheet] for more technical information about this amplifier.

Product range overview


max sample rate

name resolution 1 channel 2 channel 4 channel
M2i.6034 14 bit 125 MS/s 125 MS/s 60 MS/s
M2i.6033 14 bit 125 MS/s 60 MS/s  
M2i.6031 14 bit 125 MS/s 125 MS/s  
M2i.6030 14 bit 125 MS/s    
M2i.6022 14 bit 60 MS/s 60 MS/s 60 MS/s
M2i.6021 14 bit 60 MS/s 60 MS/s  
M2i.6012 14 bit 20 MS/s 20 MS/s 20 MS/s
M2i.6011 14 bit 20 MS/s 20 MS/s  
Mi.6xxx-1Amp   *    
Mi.6xxx-2Amp     *  
Mi.6xxx-4Amp       *
PCI-Express versions simply suffixed -exp, e.g. M2i.6011-exp


  • Standard drivers for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 and Linux
  • SBench 6.x signal processing and display software.
  • Drivers for LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI (DASYLab and Agilent VEE by special order)
  • Driver for MATLAB


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