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Update: Enhancement options now included with all Spectrum instrumentation cards!   January 2013
There are big changes to the way Spectrum cards are being sold and will mean that choosing the best option to configure the instrumentation card to fit the application will be much easier. Most are now included! Here is a summary:
  1. Firmware options Multiple Recording, Gated Sampling, ABA mode,
  2. Software drivers for LabVIEW and MATLAB are no longer a cost option. No more licences!
  3. The standard memory is now increased from 256 MByte to 512 MBytes.
  4. All larger memory options have new lower pricing.
The above applies to all M2i and M3i cards. Compact PCI and PXI versions have the same restructuring (except that Timestamp remains a cost option). Their standard memory increases from 16 to 64 MBytes.

The cost of Spectrum cards are rising a little as so much is being included, but as we find most customers use at least one firmware option or extra driver, for most it will mean a considerable saving!

   Catalogue cover page showing PCI, PCIe, cPCI and PXI format Spectrum cards   

New: PXI format multi-channel 16 bit 50 Mega Sample/sec A/D converter card   March 2013
Following on from its success with the PCI and PCI-Express versions of the A/D signal capture card using a class-leading 16 bit 50 Mega sample/sec converter, Spectrum have release a 3U PXI version, so designed for the popular industrial chassis and easily synchronised to other cards across the backplane to produce a versatile system. Also available in 6U compact PCI.

Utilising the included firmware enhancements Multiple Recording and Gated Sampling, this 4 channel card of the MX.4900 series can be programmed to precisely control data capture in response to a trigger from the analogue signal itself or a separate external TTL trigger. With a trigger re-arm time of less than 20 samples, a rapid series waveform events can be captured to the on-board memory or long-period directly streamed to PC memory. Windows/Linux drivers for text programmers are included, plus those for LabVIEW and MATLAB - at no extra cost.

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   Mx49xx 4-channel PXI card   

New: New DigitizerNetbox provides a portable Ethernet enclosure for Spectrum cards.   May 2013
Spectrum's new versatile Ethernet DigitiserNetbox docking station provides an easy way to use their PC instrumentation cards with any desktop or portable notebook PC with a Gbit LAN RJ45 port. This Ethernet connectivity provides local or remote operation and captured data viewing/transfer. The internal x8 PCI-Express slot is designed to support all current and new generations of Spectrum cards, initially coming ready-to-work with a digitisers from the M2i.46xx or M2i.49xx range, hence providing high resolution 16 bit conversions at a range of speeds up to 62.5 million samples per second!

The analogue inputs offer a variety of settings: each input can be referenced to ground (single-ended) or can be operated in differential mode (true differential). Additionally up to 8 different input ranges, programmable signal offset and a switchable termination can be defined by the user.

Every digitizerNETBOX docking station comes with SBench6 Professional for an easy view, log and process of captured signal data. Alternatively the Windows/Linux drivers provide programming in MATLAB, LabView or one of the popular programming languages such as VB or C. This unit is designed as a full feature LXI instrument to provide assurance of easy installation and a communication protocol standard to itself and other LXI instruments.

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   digitiserNETBOX fast distributed signal capture instrumentation   

New: M4i 14 Bit 500 MS/s digitiser with PCIe x8 lane   June 2013
The new M4i 14 Bit 500 MS/s Digitiser with PCIe eight lane, second generation interface has been released by Spectrum GmbH. Under the name M4i.445x-x8 - it is the first card that utilises the PCI Express x8 Gen2 interface. This new card comes with two or four channels and 500 MS/s synchronous sampling speed of 14 bit ADC resolution. Both versions have a acquisition signal bandwidth of 250 MHz. The x8 lane PCIe interface provides the big advantage of full speed streaming direct to the computer, removing the bandwidth bottleneck of standard PCI and single lane PCI express.

Delivered with Windows and Linux drivers, a set of standard programming examples are provided to illustrate the cards main signal capture functions, plus extensive support that includes Visual C++, Borland C++, Gnu C++, Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, J#, Delphi, LabVIEW and MATLAB.

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   Spectrum M4i new generation 14 bit 500 Mega sample signal capture card   

June 24th 2013 and DataQuest Solutions Limited celebrates 10 years in business.

We would like to thank all our customers, suppliers, resellers and colleagues, in other words all those who helped make our company such a successful provider of PC instrumentation to industry, research and education. THANK YOU!

About DataQuest Solutions.

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Update: Faster digitzerNETBOX with up to 200MHz sampling   Oct 2013
Spectrum has expanded its range of digitzerNETBOX products by adding three new models to the series. The new products feature fast ADC technology, that can sample signals at up to 200 MS/s, extending the overall frequency capture range of the digitizer family.

All the channels are synchronously clocked, minimizing phase error and allowing inter-channel measurements to be made with the best possible precision. Digitized signals are stored in large on-board memories (up to 2 x 4 GS) making it possible for the digitizerNETBOX to acquire, store and analyse very long and complex waveforms.

In common with the other digitizerNETBOX units you can write your own control program using almost any popular language including, Visual C++, Borland C++, Gnu C++, Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, J#, Delphi and Python code. Alternatively, you can simply run Spectrums own software SBench6-Pro. A full unlimited time SBench6 Pro is included as standard.

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   digitizerNETBOX Ethernet 200MHz signal capture instrumentation   


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