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Update: DataQuest Solutions extends its ACME portable computer range.   Feb 2012
DataQuest Solutions has extended and updated its rugged ACME portable computer range so as to offer its mobile computing solutions to a wider range of applications. Now our slim brief case style models have been updated to the NEW Acme LitePAC and DuraPAC models, while the "lunchbox" format Comrade range offers a versatile range of PCI/ PCI Express card I/O slots and high capacity data storage solutions including RAID for data streaming. We are also happy to look at the options to customise through different CPU and motherboard options.

Last but not least the introduction of two portable ECP computer system chassis for PXI cards also offers a greater freedom of mobility for the industrial PXI system user.

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   Some examples of the portable pc range from DataQuest   

Update: Extended range of tough waterproof rugged tablet PC's now available.   May 2012
We have used our extensive experience of the rugged PC market to select and offer an exceptional range of new tablet PC's. All models are tough waterproof designs with IP and MIL (military) ratings making them suitable for industrial, vehicle or fieldwork use. Application areas include geophysics, land and marine survey work, construction and engineering site data and image collection, in-vehicle (automotive) operation and the factory floor. All include bright 7 or 8.4 inch touch screens, rubber bumper edges, solid state drives, I/O communication ports with sealing doors and long life Lithium-ion batteries. A wide range of accessories include docking stations for desktop use, battery chargers, carry cases and harnesses.

Hardware warranties available, in the case of our Getac E100 model this is 5 years as standard!

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   Rugged Getac 100E, Trimble Yuma and MRC2000   

New: Ultra high speed mutli-channel 16 bit signal capture card.   July 2012
We are please to announce the release of the new Spectrum M2i.4900 series card, which combines a high resolution 16 bit converter, ultra fast analogue signal capture of up to 60 MSamples per second and a choice of 1, 2, 4 or 8 synchronous channels. This high channel count makes the card a most cost effective choice, further enhanced with other useful features including single or differential channel selection and a versatile digital input option, which captures phase synchronous to the analogue sampling. For new applications this card replaces most of the M2i.30xx, 31xx and 40xx series, however these will be still available for existing customers for many years to come.

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   M2i.49xx series signal capture card   

Update: PCI Express docking station range now includes 4 and 7 slot options   August 2012
PCI Express docking stations provide the advantage of allowing almost any type of card to be used outside a desktop PC chassis, or indeed fully portable with the notebook PC Express card option. This gives the advantage of ease of access too, expanding the number of PCI Express slots available, with DataQuest Solutions now offering docking stations with four and seven slots - for all card lengths. Follow the link below for more details!

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   EB4 and EB7 PCI Express docking stations   

Were moving! DataQuest Solutions are moving to a new location in Lincolnshire   October 2012
With the need for more room becoming acute DataQuest Solutions Limited are moving office to Ruskington in Lincolnshire on the 30 October 2012. Well served by road and rail Ruskington is an good location in many respects and north-south more central to the UK. Once the settling down process has been completed we look to be able to serve our customers even better. The new contact details can be found by clicking the "more information" link below or from the menu on the left side of our home page. The telephone number will change but a divert message will automatically be made if the old office number is dialled for a period of 12 months after the move. Please note that due to the very few customers now using FAX this service will now only be available by request.

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   Moving van   


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