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New: Spectrum releases fully updated instrumentation catalogue.   January 2011
Spectrum's sixteenth and latest catalogue provides a full listing of the all products from its extensive instrumentation card range, including ultra high speed signal capture cards and waveform generators. Included is the new M3i.4800 series with its 16-bit 180MHz A/D converter and full details of the latest version of the SBench6 software,which now supports all Spectrum cards allowing the easy acquisition, display and replay and processing of hundreds of Mega Bytes of data.

The reader of this 93 page colour catalogue can be assured of a comprehensive listing of hardware choices, data sheets, optional enhancements and software drivers for code programming and third-party packages such as MATLAB, so providing the method to transform their computer based system into a powerful fast instrument for research, development, test and production

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   Spectrum catalogue volume 16   

New: Dual time base sampling available for all digitiser cards.   May 2011
All current Spectrum digitiser cards now have the option of running in ABA mode, even for the fastest 1Giga sample/sec sampling cards (M3i.21xx series). ABA mode offers the user a dual sampling time base, with high interest events triggering a full speed sampling recording segment (this could even be sampling every few nano seconds if required), whilst the data in between these segments sampled with a slower time resolution, so maintaining a general overview. The ratio between fast and slow sampling and relative speed can be set up from the user software according to requirements and card A/D sampling performance.

More detail of this mode can be found when browsing the information on any desired digitiser card from the M2i or M3i range and selecting the link to ABA detail for M3i cards  link next to "Available Options".
   M3i digitiser card with multiple fast event captures window   

New: SPA series of high bandwidth and gain external amplifiers.   September 2011
The new SPA series high bandwidth external amplifiers provides a way of providing high gain to micro and millivolt signals, even those of a very high frequency. Models are available providing wide bandwidths with upper frequency -3dB points of 10, 200 and 500 MHz and amplification x10 (20bB) up to x1000 (60dB). Each robustly constructed model can be purchased with a fixed input impedance of 50 Ohm or 1 Mega Ohm and all have a manually adjustable voltage offset. Suitable for any Spectrum A/D signal capture card were extra amplification is required, or similar amplification applications.

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   Spectrum SPA amplifier module   

New: Sequence Replay Mode enhances pattern generation programmming.   November 2011
The Sequence Replay Mode is available from as an option on all Spectrum M2i arbitrary waveform generator and digital I/O cards. It allows greater control over pattern generation with replayed sequences able to switch over from one to another by software command, or a predefined trigger internal or external (TTL signal).

This mode works by splitting the card memory into segments to hold the signal data, each segment allowing a completely different signal pattern to be held (if so desired), it is even possible to simultaneously redefine waveform data for segments whilst other segments are being replayed. This enhanced flexibility is particularly useful for stimulus-response systems where the signal pattern produced must react to a detected signal, or in multi-function test scenarios, as so frequently found in circuit testing.

All Spectrum M2i signal generator and digital I/O cards can be combined with signal capture (A/D) cards from the M2i and M3i series. For ease of control programming is done via straightforward text and number commands to chose replay segments and loop, with drivers provided for many code languages, both for 32/64bit Windows and Linux platforms.
   Sequence Replay example sequence   


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