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New feature: Logic analyzer display for SBench6   March 2010
logic analyzer SBench screen shot with hex values
SBench6 logging and visualisation software for the PC, has a new logic analyzer feature to work with any of the M2i.7000 digital I/O series of cards from Spectrum, providing 1 to 64 bit width and up to 125 MHz sampling rate. Signals from any selected digital input can be combined into the bus timing diagram so allowing the logic state on individual bits to be compared, not just in trace form but as a hexadecimal or binary values - which ever the viewer prefers. The screen set up allows trace only, trace with bus value (as shown in the diagram), or just bus values to be shown. The user can individually colour and name traces for best clarity. The advanced triggering facilities of the M2i.7000 series hardware provides advanced trigger features on simple or complex sequences of edges, patterns, ranges or pulse durations. For post processing all signals can be logged to file for later analysis and even giga bytes of digital data can be viewed and saved.

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New product: Lighter, faster MRC2300 presents the latest in PC tablet technology  May 2010
MRC2300-DQ shown with easy handling protective side rubber grips

The MRC2300 is an evolution on the previous MRC tablet PC, but is now lighter (1.44Kg) and faster with a 1.6GHz CPU. Power consumption now even lower, helped by a new bright 8-inch LCD colour display with touch screen technology. With increasing importance on wireless technology this unit can fully integrate with 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and has a 3.5G mobile broadband option (requires user SIM card). Fitted with a 2.1M pixel camera. Ideal for industrial or survey/field work this tough PC has environmental IP54 and MIL rating for water and shock resistance.

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New feature: M3i series cards now with SMA connector option  June 2010
Four SMA connectors fitted to the card end plate, with mating screw-on SMA cable

As an alternative to the standard SMB and MMCX connectors, threaded SMA connections are now available for the complete M3i range of PCI/PCI-X and PCI Express cards. These provide a stable and reliable way of connecting high frequency signals for the environment where movement, regular connect/disconnect scenarios or vibrating installations are prevalent. Good screening and easy attachment of screw-on cables are inherent and we can supply a number of mating 80 and 200cm screened cable options, many available with the popular 9mm BNC connector on the free end.

New: M3i.4800 series card uses the latest generation 16 bit 180Msample converter  November 2010
The M3i.48 series card - side view - PCI express version

The new M3i.4800 signal capture card range offers 6 versions, all with the exceptional combination of 16 bits of resolution and speeds from 65MS/s to 180MS/s. The high bandwidth analogue section has been carefully designed with programmable AC/DC coupling and a selectable Anti-Alias low pass filter, which when combined with the exceptional dynamic performance ensures precision results. Signal capture can be continuous, or in segments with an extremely low dead-time between triggered induced captures using the optional Multiple Recording mode. This makes this M3i card ideal for fast repeating signals in many applications such as Radar, Laser, LDA/PDA or Ultrasound applications. In common with the other Spectrum M3i series, Windows and Linux code drivers are included, as well as a free base version of the versatile logging software SBench6, upgradeable to Professional.

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