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New enhancement: Spectrum drivers now support .NET users   January 2009
Spectrum C code text example

"Spectrum" M2i instrumentation cards are now also offered with a complete .NET integration for the latest series of PCI and PCI Express cards. The .NET integration supports C#, J# and VB.NET with its own .NET object containing all the required methods, registers and constants for the driver access. The .NET support is part of the standard card package as are the Windows and Linux drivers and the examples

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New: Slim portable PC now features hot-swap battery option   March 2009
View of Pro200 compact PC

The Pro100 provides the power of a desktop but in a design that is one of the lightest and portable chassis available and features the capability to take a pair plug-in PCI and PCI-Express cards, plus a host of connectivity and hard disk drive options. Now with the addition of batteries the new Pro100+ gives the user complete independence from a fixed power supply. With "hot-swap" capability there is no need to power down the computer at battery change time and during use a LCD display keeps the user fully informed of the battery level. A great flexible system !

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New: SBench Version 6 signal visualisation software release   May 2009
New SBench 6 display example

By listening to customer requirements SBench(version 6) has been created as a completely updated, easy to use, yet sophisticated data acquisition software package, specifically designed to get the best performance from Spectrum instrumentation cards. A quick and intuitive card set up window provides access to all the hardware features, whilst signal capture is enhanced with a special new signal overview window combined with post processing functions, so efficiently analysing all logged data, allowing the user to search signals for interesting events, even within Giga Bytes of data! No text coding is required and saved data can be exported if desired.

SBench6 supports the cards in the new M3i card series as well as many of the established M2i range.

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New: M3i.32xx and M3i.41xx series provides exceptional resolution and speed  June 2009
M2i.3242 image; 2 channel 500MS/sec 12 bit

Building on the success of the existing M2i range Spectrum engineers have begun release of the M3i 32xx and 41xx series to extending even further the upper boundary for best sampling speed and high resolution.

The M3i.41xx series provides the user with an outstanding combination 14 bit resolution and up to 400 million samples per second (MS/s) capture rate, whilst the 12 bit M3i.32xx series provides speeds reaching 500MS/s. Available with one or two (synchronised) channels Spectrum have used their considerable experience to ensure the best possible quality of signal capture. The M3i series is delivered with Windows 2000/XP/XP64/Vista/Vista64/Windows7 and Linux 32/64 bit drivers

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New: New Spectrum M3i.21xx series extends signal capture up to 1GHz!  November 2009
M2i.2132 image; 2 channel 500MS/sec 8 bit

Spectrum releases details of its fastest signal capture board series yet with four versions ranging from 250M to 1GHz (samples) per second. Designed using the the latest monolithic 8 bit A/D converters followed by an 8 stage amplifier stage (50mV to 10V), programmable AC/DC coupling and low pass filter, this card is designed specifically to produce to provide best performance for demanding ultra high speed tasks.

As with the other M3i ranges versatility comes from multiple trigger options, capture to deep memory and the possibility to directly stream data to the PC for extended periods. This potential is greatly extended with Windows and Linux drivers which include 64 bit support. Delivered with drivers for Windows 2000/XP/XP6/Vista//Windows7, plus options for LabView, MATLAB and VEE.

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