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New enhancement: 12 bit digitisers now have software selectable differential inputs  February 2008
Analog and digital I/O boards

Most high-speed digitisers on the market have GND related single-ended inputs as a standard. But for some applications where noise induction may be a problem the connection of differential signals is a must. Focussed on these applications, the German manufacturer SPECTRUM has extended his range of fast 12 bit digitisers by a differential option. The M2i.30xx series - available as PCI/PCI-X as well as PCI Express version - has a total of 17 different versions with 1 to 4 channels and sampling rates between 40 MS/s and 200 MS/s. Most of the 2 and 4 channel versions are available with the new differential input option. Activated by a simple software command the card hardware can combine two single-ended channels into one differential channel.

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New enhancement: All M2i cards now come with 256Mbytes of memory as standard!  March 2008
Analog and digital I/O boards

From March 2008, Spectrum- specialists for fast PC based data acquisition and generation, are equipping all cards of the M2i series with a standard memory of 256 MByte . With this standard memory one can for example acquire one 8-bit channel with 200 MS/s for more than 1 second without needing to transfer data to the PC. Alternatively if you do wish to transfer to the PC real-time, using this enhanced memory as a FIFO buffer also helps, as it makes the transfer process less affected to PCI, PCI-X or PCI-Express bus limitations. This memory has added no extra cost to the purchaser and goes in-hand with reduction in all memory prices right up to 4 GBytes!

New: Radar signal and antenna position capture card   April 2008
M2i.4038 radar board image

Based on the M2i.40xx analogue series of PCI/PCI Express cards, an ultra high-speed 14 bit radar signal sampling module is coupled with a digital input module for recording azimuth positioning from the radar antenna encoder. The M2i.4038 samples the radar waveform at 50MS/sec, whilst its lower speed lower cost relation, the M2i.4028 samples at 20MS/sec. Both cards can operate in two modes, continuous, or multiple-record, the latter option allowing capturing just on the radar pulse, thus cutting down on non-essential data.

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New addition: Slim ultra portable PC with PCI and PCI-Express slots  July 2008
Pro152 slim portable PC

Just 415x289x162mm and weighting in around 8kg, this recent addition to our range of portable PC's allows a greater level of convenience and freedom as to where the operator can take a computer. Just fold up the neat keyboard over the TFT screen and its quickly ready for transport. With comparable performance to many desktop PC's, the capability to take plug-in PCI and PCI-Express cards, plus a host of connectivity and hard disk drive options, (including externally accessible SATA), this is the ideal computing companion. Comes complete with quality carry case and trolley bag.

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New: 400MS/sec high resolution digitiser heralds M3i release   November 2008
M3i.41xx PCI and PCIe format shown

The M3i.41xx 14 bit 400 MS/s digitizer is the first of a new series of instrumentation providing an exceptionally high resolution together ultra-high speed A/D conversion. A completely new front end module with powerful FPGA processing power is the culmination of nearly 20 years of development knowledge combined with the very latest leading edge technology. Each channel has an independent monolithic A/D converter to ensure zero phase difference between channels and up to 4 GBytes of on-board memory. All of the M3i cards are available as PCI/PCI-X and PCI Express versions to provide the maximum flexibility in PC choice.

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