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New: 64 bit Windows and Linux drivers arrive for M2i  February 2007
Analog and digital I/O boards

Spectrum GmbH announces the availability of a new drivers for 64 bit Windows (XP, Vista) and Linux. This covers its range of more than 70 PCI/PCI-X digitisers, waveform generators and digital I/O cards. The 64 bit operating platform delivers an improved performance for undertaking computation-intensive tasks like real-time analysis of acquired data, or on-the-fly signal (D/A) generation. It also supports much larger on mother-board memory with a theoretical maximum of 128 GByte of PC RAM! The new Spectrum driver support the common Spectrum API, so making card programming identical under 32 and 64 bit.

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New: Full LABVIEW™ support for all M2i boards   March 2007
M2i PCI-X card with Labview control and display panel

The new generation of M2i instrumentation from Spectrum GmbH can now be ordered with a completely re-designed LabVIEW driver allowing up to 200MBtye transfer between board and PC RAM (raw data format), this being aided by the improved DLL giving an efficient data handling method. Ease of use and familiarity is designed in too, with a wide range of ready made and supplied examples covering the different modes of the cards and simply edited to your requirements. The drivers are also prepared to allow support for many of the special new M2i enhancements, including gated sampling, time stamp and ABA mode.

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New product: Docking Station for PCI-Express Cards  May 2007
PCI-Express card boxes with ExpressCard interface for Notebook PC

PCI-Express is establishing itself as the standard interface for add-in cards, with greater performance than standard PCI. With all types of new cards now being manufactured for the new interface we have responded with a docking station to give a portable solution to card users with notebook PC's. With easy connection and installation (via notebook PC ExpressCard interface) this represents an ideal solution. Windows™ XP / Vista and Mac OS X™ compatible. Also suitable for use with standard desktops using our special interface card.

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New interface: Spectrum expands range to incorperate PCI-Express card connectivity  June 2007
Two Spectrum PCIe examples. 25MS/s 8 channel A/D and (front) 125 MS/s 64 bit DIO cards

Spectrum is adding the PCI Express interface to its extensive M2i range of ultra-high speed cards. These PCI Express (x1) cards are compatible to all PCI Express slots found on current and forthcoming PCs. This gives extensive future proofing on your purchase and a sustained streaming mode that exceeds standard PCI. Sharing driver Windows/Linux software with the current PCI/PCI-X range provides a familiar interface for existing users and programming examples readily available for new programmers. The full range of drivers options allows MATLAB, LabVIEW, LABWindows, DASYlab and VEE users to be well catered for as always.

NEW: Clock and trigger distribution board adds flexibility to system connectivity  July 2007
Distribution card PCI version showing two banks of SMB connectors

Spectrum have developed a unique cPCI/PCI clock distribution card with two low skew signal connector banks, each with 1 input and 17 outputs. With this arrangement each channel input receives an external clock, which can then be distributed to 17 other cards. This provides a choice as to which cards to connect. By this method all cards can be synchronised or subsets of cards in the same rack can be fully independent. The clock on each connector bank can be synchronised and controlled by a user trigger signal. The special clock distribution card can also be used to clock synchronise separate systems.

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New interface: Spectrum arbitrary waveform generator has the new PCI-Express interface   November 2007
PCIe M2i.6022 14 bit 125MS/sec

This 14 bit M2i.6000 and 8 bit M2i.6100 waveform generator family provides 10 different models with 1 to 4 synchronous channels and user selectable sampling rates up to 125 MS/s. PCI Express allows use with PC motherboards providing the latest PCI-Express slot. Each card can run as a freely programmable signal and test pattern generator, or it can be used via an internal synchronisation option together with any of the other cards from the Spectrum range, be they signal capture, digital I/O or pattern generators. Sharing Windows / Linux driver software with the current PCI/PCI-X range, it provides a familiar interface for existing users and comes with programming examples readily available for new programmers.


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