*** News 2005 ***

New: Tough additions to our range of go anywhere portable PC's.  January 2005
Drop testing to military (MIL) standards
We extend our portable PC range with two new rugged Notebooks and a Tablet PC. The first of these is a particularly cost effective slim light Notebook (the "Notebook Professional"), with a rugged chassis and sealed keyboard. Then for even greater environmental protection we have our ultra rugged designs with IP54, rated against against water, dust, and a shock rating to military standards. These latter environmentally sealed PC's also come with an essential feature for outdoor use - a daylight readable screen.

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New: Easy virtual control panel for waveform generation.  March 2005
SPEasyGenerator panel
SPEasyGenerator provides a rapid way to generate standard signals from an on screen virtual panel, not unlike that found on the standard bench top waveform generator and just as easy to control using a PC mouse driven cursor. This software is included FREE with all all Arbitrary Waveform Generators from the Spectrum 60xx and 61xx series, providing signal generators of 1 to 4 channels and update rates up to 125M samples/sec.

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New: Two slot PCI Docking Station with drive space.  May 2005
external view of 2 slot docking station
To complement our popular 1 and 3 slot Docking stations, we have recently introduced a new twin slot version with a special feature - space for one 3.5" or two 2.5" hard disk drives. Suitable for IDE, SATA and RAID, the additional fast data storage space can be easily added. Ideal for use with our ultra high speed Spectrum PCI cards, or any cards where two PCI slots are desired for use with a Notebook PC.

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New: Amplifier option adds 10 V output level to existing arbitrary waveform generators.   June 2005
10V D/A amplifier board
The Spectrum waveform generator range of boards now have the output option of a voltage swing enhanced to 10 V using a new amplifier board. Available in 1, 2 or 4 channel configurations. The high 30MHz bandwidth of these amplifiers allows use with all generators, ranging from the entrance-version with 20 MSamples/sec, up to the high-end version with 125 MSamples/sec operating through 25 MHz output filters. When using high impedance termination the full output swing of 10 V is available, 5 V when used with 50 ohm termination. As these amplifiers have a fixed amplification no additional software programming is necessary. All features of the arbitrary waveform generators like the programmable gain and offset or the filter settings are still available when using the amplifier board.

Available in PCI, PXI, CompactPCI 3U and CompactPCI 6U versions .

Updated: Rugged Notebook Pro now with higher specification.   August 2005
Rugged Notebook Pro
The rugged Notebook Professional keeps up with latest computing developments with a faster processor options - now up from 1.8 to 2.0 GHz and improved optical (CD/DVD) drive. This notebook PC provides one of the best combinations for users who would like a standard office format Notebook PC with large display and low weight, but still in demand of a good resistance to knocks and fluid ingress. Ideal for the office or general field use.

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New: Spectrum announces release of the second series of digitisers.  September 2005
M2i_features (17K)

The M2i series, introduced by Spectrum GmbH is a new generation of A/D digitiser cards evolving from the well proven Mi series. This PCI/PCI-X card range uses the same numbering identification as the original series of boards simply suffixed with M2i instead of Mi (e.g. M2i.2020) with identical resolution, number of channels, speed and input. However, the card base has been totally renewed and offers a wide variety of new functions and features, most notably the on-board memory has been improved and is now the deepest available on a single board - up to 4 GBytes! This on-board memory can also be used as a FIFO buffer, as with the older Mi series, but now with a sustained data transfers rate of more than 200 MByte/sec possible over the PCI-X interface. Transfer can even commence during board signal capture operation.
Other improvements include:-
  • ABA mode. Hardware based change from slow to ultra fast sampling on a trigger event.
  • Improved user interface to sample clocks. For example, setting the sampling rate of slave boards from the master is easier. Slave rates can be now set exactly and not restricted to certain set divisions.
  • Pre and post trigger data now available in all modes - including Multiple Record where sample start triggers can be less than 20 samples apart. (That's less than 100 nano seconds at 200MS/s!).
  • 100% compatible to standard 32 bit PCI systems.
  • Compatible with programs written for older boards with special adaption layer.
We will continue to supply the older (series one cards) henceforth for several years to come for those with existing systems who are happy with their current systems. We believe in giving the customer this choice.

For more details contact us, or click "more info" below for a specially prepared M2i brochure which has a listing of all the boards available from the end of this year, plus the new fast 16 bit models for mid 2006....

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