*** News 2004 ***

New: Ultra high speed boards now available in Compact PCI and PXI.   January 2004
PXI 3U (front) and Compact PCI 6U (rear).
New measurement boards for CompactPCI and PXI !  Ideal for the special area of high-speed instrumentation, this range has same proven functionality as MI (PCI)series so providing; transient recorders, spectrum analysers, data acquisition, arbitrary waveform generators and pattern generators. In addition, their format allows insertion into racks and compact rugged chassis where the PXI versions follow PXI standards and have their synchronisation signals catered for through the chassis bus, without the need for extra wiring. Both board series MX(PXI) and MC(CompactPCI) are the latest addtion to the SPECTRUM range and at the fore front of PC instrumentation technology.

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New: Pattern Generator with the widest range of programmable logic levels!  March 2004
Programmable logic Digital I/O PCI board
Available in PCI, Compact PCI and PXI formats the new 72xx series digital pattern generator boards have outputs which can be set between -2 and +10 volts. Without normal restriction of set TTL levels, the programmer can choose additional levels to suit EXCL, PECL,LVDS, LVTTL, CMOS and LVCMOS. Applications such as Semiconductor test and development are particularly benefitted, where additional electronics are not required to achieve desired levels for different logic families.

Available 16, 32 and memory saving 8 bit wide outputs, with update rates up to 40MS/s.

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New: Ultra high speed digital I/O board with extended data streaming capability.  June 2004
View of Mx7005 Dig I/O board
The Spectrum 70xx series of digital I/O boards has established a bench mark for mega sample digital pattern generation and capture with speeds up to 125MSamples/s. Now the new PCI Mi7005 model enhances performance with a unique and special mode that allows one, two or four bit pattern widths to be selected without the need to allow extra memory space for a byte wide data width. Now when using only 1, 2 or 4 digital lines less memory is required and an improved speed through the PCI bus. Run your data longer and faster!

Now also available in Compact PCI and PXI formats. (PXI 3U model shown)

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New: SPViewIT. Capture signals to hard drive at up to 80MBytes/sec !  September 2004
SPviewIT real time display
SPviewIT moves upward the boundaries of ultra high speed continuous streaming of data to computer hard drives. Supporting the latest generation of fast SATA hard drives + RAID systems, this powerful tool gives outstanding capture performance, combined with real time displays (scope, recorders, meters...) plus signal filtering and processing. This easy to use interface requires no code programming, and will export to a multitude of other processing and report packages, such as Excel™ and MATLAB™ , to name but a few! All processing, display and processing modules are available in the standard package (SPviewIT-str) which presently retails for just 695+vat, making this a highly cost effective package for combination with all formats of Spectrum A/D and digital input boards.

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New: Two Channel 100MS/s 12 bit A/D board added to the range  November 2004
PCI version of Mi30 series board
To complement the popular 30xx range, a new model has been added to one of the most extensive ranges of ultra high speed 12 bit boards on the market. This model provides 2 synchronous channels each capable of 100MS/s capture. In line with other boards in this series it has variable input gain and offset, to cope with a wide range of input voltages, plus the option of synchronous digital inputs, time stamp on trigger events and on board memory of up to 256M samples.

Also available in Compact PCI and PXI formats.

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