Digitiser card helps develop an intelligent road-radar to detect wild animals

Accidents caused by wildlife on roads can be serious, resulting in injury, even death to people and animals and are a high-cost to the insurance industry, To address this a special system is being designed to be able to send warnings to drivers and other road users to prevent accidents. .

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Who is the customer?

Universities of Applied Sciences, Ulm and Heilbronn in Germany, along with industrial partners

Application Details

An intelligent road-radar called "SALUS", to detect wild animals is under development. It is based around a mix of radar, optical cameras and infrared sensors plus neural networks, a machine-learning-system is designed to be able to differentiate between pedestrians, cars, bicyclists, motorbikes, deer, foxes, etc. predicting the behavior of these objects. The system then sends warnings to car drivers and other road users to prevent accidents. Professor Hubert Mantz from the Ulm University of Applied Sciences, who is one of the leaders in the project describes their aim "to have small installations by the roadside that detect hazards and communicate this to vehicles as they approach. In addition, for road users without in-car warning displays, road lights could be turned on to highlight the area of the hazard and / or warning notices illuminated. Project SALUS detects and warns of the harder-to-see hazards and should significantly improve road safety." The technical demonstrator system will be able to measure simultaneous data from three sources - radar, optical camera and infrared camera.

As a part of the development project signal data produced by the by the micro-Doppler needs to be gathered and this is where an ultra high-speed signal digitiser card is needed.


  • 4 synchronous A/D channels with high resolution
  • Sampling rate up to 20MS/s (10 MHz bandwidth)
  • Fast repetition rate (Multiple Recording)
  • Continuous data stream to PC (FIFO mode)


M2p.5926-x4 four channel 20MS/s 16-bit resolution digitiser

The M2i.5926-x4 digitiser (signal capture) card from Spectrum Instrumentation GmbH was chosen, meeting all the requirements listed above. Professor Hubert Mantz describes this cards usefulness to the project: "It gathers the information to teach the system, as it enables us to process all the data we need simultaneously in real time. We have found it to be very easy and intuitive to use which means we can focus on the project rather than programming it. Most importantly, it comes with a five-year warranty so we don't have to worry about any issues of maintenance and repair unlike other companies' standard offering of only one year which could mean additional costs if their equipment goes wrong."

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Based on an application story by Spectrum Instrumentation GmbH 27.05.2020