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High speed instrumentation cards for the PC and industrial chassis. Signal capture, generation and digital I/O versions

IMPORTANT NEWS! DataQuest Solutions Limited is being gradually wound down in a controlled way ahead of the retirement of the company founder and director. This will be a gradual process which we estimate will continue until 2024. We still aim to assist existing customers by arranging repairs and providing post-sales technical support. Manufacturer's warranties remain valid.

We wish to thank everyone who sought advice and purchased from us in the past and helped make our company a success. Below is more information relating to the products we sold and the suppliers, who will be able to continue to provide you with new products, be it directly or through another U.K. distributor.

Spectrum's signal PC instrumentation cards and portable Ethernet systems - link to manufacturer's website. Our primary role has been as the U.K. distributor for Spectrum Instrumentation GmbH. They have excellent engineers and administrative staff able to provide advice on best choice from their product range and assist with supply. They will be pleased to help should you be interested in any of their high-speed signal capture and generation products; available as cards for the PC or as standalone portable units. These come with programming drivers for Windows and Linux, both for code third-party software LabVIEW™ and MATLAB™, as well as Spectrum's own very capable software SBench6.

Please visit their website here: https://spectrum-instrumentation.com/en for more extensive technical information and for product selection.

Our company also supplied the following:

  • Rugged portable carry-case computers for industrial and field use
  • Portable docking stations for interfacing of PCI & PCI Express cards to the notebook PC or desktop

More information about these portable products and how to obtain them is available by clicking here.

Clicking on the technical support tab to the left of this home page will provide further advice on many of the products we sold in the past and the method to obtain additional support. We do not charge for this service by phone or e-mail.

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