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The Ethernet / LXI  high-speed hybridNETBOX

The Spectrum hybridNETBOX provides a modular way to capture and generate record high-speed signals using a single instrument with an industry standard Gbit Ethernet connection. This connection allows high-speed streaming of data locally or at a long distance, to a desktop or notebook PC, making for great versatility. Sampling rates can be from just a few KHz all the way up to 500 mega samples per second (MS/s) on the digitiser side and 1.25 giga samples per second (GS/s) for signal generation. The hybridNETBOX is available with up 8 digitiser ( A/D) channels + 8 generator (D/A) channels all from one box! All channels work synchronously (in-phase) however it is also possible to programme the digitiser and generator to operate at different speeds. To add to this a number of programmable digital I/O lines are are provided. Often useful for control of external equipment and synchronisation.

The hybridNETBOX can operate in a stand-alone operation by using the embedded server option, which comes complete with Quad-Core CPU, 4 Gbyte RAM and a 128 Gbyte SSD for long term storage of data. With this you can even run your own programs on the unit to process the data. Installation can be within laboratory or industrial environment, with one or more hybridNETBOX units providing a high channel count plus easy connection / configuration. The neat, robust and portable enclosure can be mounted bench-top, in a vehicle, or rack-mounted using our optional kit.

We offer a broad range of models to suit your application. Please use the datasheet links further down the page below for detailed technical information on the hybridNETBOX. In addition DataQuest Solutions is happy to provide free no obligation advice on any aspect of this instrument. Our customer care continues after supply with free technical advice on the instrumentation systems we provide.

hybridNETBOX views with click link to short introduction video
  • Example Applications: Stimulus-response testing, bus-testing, circuit verification
  • Easy connectivity and configuration
  • Gbit Ethernet communication. One or more hybridNETBOX units can be used via a hub
  • Up to eight synchronous A/D (capture) + eight synchronous D/A (generation) channels
  • 6 digital lines, (5 digital I/O + 1 digital output)
  • Communicate via Workstation or Notebook PC locally or remotely
  • Fully LXI approved instrument with virtual instrumentation driver
  • SBench6® - Professional included. Log and generate, view and process data easily
  • Drivers for Windows®, Linux®, text code, LabVIEW® and MATLAB® included
  • Portable, in bench-top configuration, or fixed 19" rack mount
  • Rugged case with rubber bump stops & handle. Removable for rack mounting

The short introductory video covers hybridNETBOX models with sampling rates up to 125MS/s, however most of the information is common to the faster models too.


Single hybridnetbox connected locally and directly by Ethernet link cable (28K)

Easy local connectivity

Simply connect the Ethernet cable between your PC and the hybridNETBOX for local area Giga-bit communication. Extend this to the local intranet within your organisation if so desired, adding hybridNETBOX units to bring in data from different areas. The maximum number of channels per box depends on the model chosen. Local segment operation (copper wiring) using CAT5 cable or better, gives up to 100 metre communication distance, whilst commercially available signal repeaters can extend this. Signal data can be streamed real time across the Ethernet connection network at rates typically 70 to 100 MBytes/sec, or in bursts at even higher speed direct from the hybridNETBOX deep expandable memory.
multi-hybridnetbox-frontal (36K)

worldwide web connectivity

Easy remote connectivity

The hybridNETBOX has its own internal Web Server that can be accessed locally or from a remote location. The Web Server provides a Web page for access to the configuration, status, datasheet and manuals. The page has the option of password protection. The instrument's IP address acts as a gateway to allow your PC to retrieve data via the Internet into your programme or the provided SBench6 software. This works in conjunction the Spectrum API/driver, for display processing and logging.
digitizernetbox-lxi webpage - click to enlarge

hybridNETBOX quick configuration and test

Spectrum Control Center showing information on the installed hardware and its remote address Designed for easy installation, the Spectrum Control Center acts as software interface which performs an automatic search for the hybridNETBOX using a standard LXI instrument Discovery Tool. By so doing, it returns its location confirming a successful install and providing a summary of the physical location (IP and VISA address).

This summary includes hardware configuration, number of channels, sampling speed and installed memory. System, programming driver and firmware updates can also be performed from the Control Center, with version numbers recorded for additional support information.

What is LXI? (LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation) combines the power of the Ethernet and Web based systems with emphasis on providing a well sorted, intuitive, test and measurement interface. This can be for local or remote communication, be it wired or wireless. The LXI instrument has to meet certain standards and provide certain features such LAN based communication, a built in Web interface and standard driver protocols (e.g. VXI-11). LXI compatible instrumentation from any manufacturer must be easy to discover on a network, identified and communicated with.

Software drivers for display, log and analysis

The heart of the hybridNETBOX is the Spectrum instrumentation signal capture and generation hardware, ready-installed within the enclosure. It is based on the well-proven hardware M2p series cards and utilises the existing driver set, suitable for both for Windows® and Linux®environments. This makes the programming of the hybridNETBOX robust and versatile. New users can take advantage of Spectrum's wide range of code programming examples in popular languages such as C and Visual Basic to quickly get underway. Whilst anyone who has already used the Spectrum card series (including the older M2i and M3i models) will be immediately familiar with the programming environment. Third-party programming interfaces MATLAB® and LabVIEW® are also well supported with .m examples for the former and .vi for the latter, all helping to get your application built up and running.

SBench6 - the easy software solution

A professional version SBench6 is included with hybridNETBOX, this is a full working licence, not a trial! It allows the user to easily view, log and process the captured data without text programming using its pull-down menus. Take advantage of SBench6 to undertake ultra high-speed signal capture for short or long captures, where even Gigabytes of data can be handled. All of the hybridNETBOX hardware settings can be directly accessed from this software.

indexbar (1K) Works directly with the hybridNETBOX
indexbar (1K) No text programming required, quick and easy pull down menus
indexbar (1K) Quickly configure the hybridNETBOX to your requirements
indexbar (1K) View, log and process the captured signal data
indexbar (1K) Import and play signal data, produce waveforms from equations
indexbar (1K) Easy function generator for standard signals; sine, square, triangle etc.
indexbar (1K) Multiple displays including Y(t) and frequency (FFT)
indexbar (1K) Analog and digital signal displays can be combined
indexbar (1K) Integrated signal analysis functions
indexbar (1K) Import and export filter for data files
indexbar (1K) Designed to handle GBytes of data
indexbar (1K) Available for Windows XP/Vista/Win 7, 8 & 10 plus Linux KDE/Gnome
indexbar (1K) Click here for more information!

hybridNETBOX model codes and specifications - DN2.80x/81x series

DN2.813-022 channel16 bit40MS/sec2 channel16 bit40MS/sec±6V(50Ω)
DN2.813-044 channel16 bit40MS/sec4 channel16 bit40MS/sec±6V(50Ω)
DN2.803-088 channel16 bit40MS/sec8 channel16 bit40MS/sec±3V(50Ω)
DN2.816-022 channel16 bit125MS/sec2 channel16 bit40MS/sec±6V(50Ω)
DN2.816-044 channel16 bit125MS/sec4 channel16 bit40MS/sec±6V(50Ω)
DN2.806-088 channel16 bit80MS/sec
(125MS/sec when 8 channels in use)
8 channels16 bit80MS/sec
(125MS/sec when 8 channels in use)
Installed memory 2x512 Mega Samples, (512MS) for the digitiser, 512MS for the arbitrary waveform generator).
Link to hybridNETBOX pdf datasheet PDF datasheet

hybridNETBOX model codes and specifications - DN2.82x series

DN2.822-022 channel16 bit250MS/sec2 channel16 bit1.25GS/sec±2V(50Ω)
DN2.822-044 channel16 bit250MS/sec4 channel16 bit625MS/sec±2.5V(50Ω)
DN2.825-022 channel16 bit500MS/sec2 channel16 bit1.25GS/sec±2V(50Ω)
DN2.825-044 channel16 bit500MS/sec4 channel16 bit625MS/sec±2.5V(50Ω)
DN2.827-022 channel16 bit180MS/sec2 channel16 bit1.25GS/sec±2V(50Ω)
DN2.827-044 channel16 bit180MS/sec4 channel16 bit625MS/sec±2.5V(50Ω)
DN2.828-022 channel16 bit400MS/sec2 channels16 bit1.25GS/sec±2V(50Ω)
DN2.828-044 channel16 bit400MS/sec8 channels16 bit625MS/sec±2.5V(50Ω)
Installed memory 2x2 Giga Samples, (2GS for the digitiser, 2GS for the arbitrary waveform generator).
Link to hybridNETBOX pdf datasheet PDF datasheet

DN2 hybridNETBOX options
The front panel of the hybridNETBOX comes as standard with BNC connectors. For a connector change (e.g. to SMA or LEMO) please ask.
DN2.xxx-Emb Embedded server option with Intel™ Quad-Core CPU, 4 Gbyte RAM and 128 Gbyte SSD. Allows stand-alone operation.
DN2.xxx-spavg FPGA signal Processing Firmware Option: Block Average for digitiser (model series DN2.80/81 & 82xx only).
DN2.xxx-spstat FPGA signal Processing Firmware Option: Block Statistics/Peak Detect for digitiser (model series DN2.80/81 & 82xx only).
DN2.xxx-RACK 19" rack mounting set.
DN2.xxx-DC12 Power hybridNETBOX on 12VDC (converter accepts 9 to 18V). Screw terminals, AC socket removed.
DN2.xxx-DC24 Power hybridNETBOX on 24VDC (converter accepts 18 to 36V). Screw terminals, AC socket removed.
DN2.xxx-BTPWR Boot on Power On: the hybridNETBOX automatically boots if power is switched on.

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