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Spectrum concise brochure cover
This concise colour catalogue provides a full listing of the current ultra high-speed signal capture, waveform generation and digital I/O hardware from Spectrum.

All popular card interface card formats are covered, for the both desktop PC and industrial chassis, as well as the digitizerNETBOX™ with its Ethernet connectivity. Includes easy to reference information on the hardware enhancement options. The wide range of driver software for popular programming interfaces is explained, as well as Spectrum's own very capable logging and processing software SBench6™. New for this edition is an introduction to SCAPP, Spectrum's CUDA Access for Parallel Processing. Allowing their range of digitisers to use the processing power of a GPU installed in the same computer.

This catalogues technical overview is provided as a way of choosing the best solution, supplemented with the datasheets and manual PDF's that can be downloaded from the product pages of our website, or that of the manufacturer. If you require any help please feel free to contact us.
Availability: In stock  Pages 42
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pdf link to catalogue [Spectrum catalogue PDF (7.1 MB)]

Spectrum Digitizer Handbook - 120 pages
The Digitizer Handbook contains within its pages is a wealth of information on the many operating aspects of a computer based signal capture system. After a general introduction to digitiser technology the handbook provides many topics of interest including:

  • Resolution and dynamic range and the effects of electrical noise
  • Signal conditioning
  • Probes and sensors
  • Using a modular digitiser
  • Triggering and synchronisation
  • Software and signal processing
  • LXI (Ethernet) based digitisers
With clear full colour images and topics clearly explained in a straight forward way, this handbook provides and an extensive treatment of computer based instruments. Whilst relating in many ways to the Spectrum range, it is applicable to high frequency signal capture in general and a wide range of technical expertise.
Availability: In stock  Pages 120
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DataQuest Solutions Newsletter - first page
This newsletter keeps the reader up to date on new releases of signal capture and waveform generation hardware and related software.

From time to time complementary products such as computer systems and amplifiers will be included. Also the occasional application story, to provide a well rounded informative read.

Availability: 2018 newsletter in stock
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pdf link to catalogue [DataQuest newsletter PDF (2.7 MB)]


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