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Ultra fast arbitrary waveform generators cards

The tables below provide links to the further information on all the Spectrum waveform generator card formats

M2i digitizer cards PCI and PCIe formats M4i (PCIe x8-lane) and M4x (PXIe x4-lane) awg cards
Spectrum M2i programmable waveform generator cards:

The Spectrum M2i cards provide excellent performance for many applications requiring a high frequency generated signal , examples include telecommunications, radar, and name but a few.

These high-speed arbitrary waveform generator cards provides output update rates of up to 125MS samples/second. All of the Spectrum 60xx & 61xx series waveform generator (D/A) cards listed below will provide your choice of analogue output waveform at 8 or 14 bit resolutions, with versions capable of attaining up to 125 MSamples/second updates. Output gain is software adjustable up to +/-3V into 50 Ohm load, but this can be extended to +/-10V if required when the amplifier board option is used and the load is 1 MOhm (+/-5V at 50 Ohm). Asynchronous digital I/O may be added for instrument control too. The 60xx/61xx series has the ability to generate synchronous signals from 1, 2 or 4 channels from up to 2 GByte on-board memory, PC RAM or the hard drive directly allowing very large waveform files to be run. Access real time from the PC is by using Spectrum's special "FIFO mode".

Windows® and Linux® programming drivers are provided, plus examples to show the main operational features

All Spectrum M2i boards (A/D, D/A and Digital I/O) can be clock and trigger synchronised to work together. M2i are available in slot formats PCI/PCI-X or PCI-Express.

More information on all features can be found by following the links in the table below.
Spectrum M4i and M4x programmable waveform generator cards:

Using a high bandwidth multi-lane PCI Express Gen 2.0 interface, data streaming direct to the PC is greatly enhanced. This makes the M4i & M4x card series of particular value to users generating signals over longer periods at hundreds of MHz. Utilising a new generation of high resolution 16 bit D/A converters, replay speeds up to 1.25 giga samples per second are possible. Even at these speeds an amplitude of +/2V into 50 Ohm can be generated (+/- 4V into a high impedance load). Replay can be single shot or loop and the sequence generation mode allows complex multiple changes of signal to be pre-programmed in. This makes an excellent base for a test system.

Additional connectors provide two bi-directional digital inputs, which can be set as synchronous or asynchronous to the analogue channels through software. Ideal for positional, status monitoring and control.

Building on the success of the M2i waveform generators, the M4i & M4x series shares the same well proven software driver set. This follows the practice of supporting both existing and new users. The versatile Windows® and Linux® drivers support all popular text programming languages, as well as packages such as LabVIEW® and MATLAB®.

Up to eight cards can be perfectly synchronised to provide up to 32 replay channels.

More information on all features can be found by following the links in the table below.

Spectrum M2i / M4i / M4x series card feature summary.

indexbar (1K) Up to 4 fully synchronous channels on one card
indexbar (1K) Programmable amplitude and offset
indexbar (1K) Synchronisation of multiple cards possible, both for signal output and trigger
indexbar (1K) Versatile trigger features with fast auto re-arm
indexbar (1K) Large standard memory, 4 GBytes on M4i & M4x, 512MBytes on M2i (plus upgrade options)
indexbar (1K) Multiple Replay / Gated Replay with pre-trigger, post-trigger
indexbar (1K) Programmable Sequence Replay Mode, dynamic change to new signal on event, or loop
indexbar (1K) Optimised clock section, internal or external clock reference
indexbar (1K) M2i available in slot formats PCI-Express and PCI/PCI-X
indexbar (1K) M4i & M4x have a multi-lane PCI-Express interface for GByte streaming with the PC*
indexbar (1K) Versatile and wide ranging software support, all cards use a universal driver set for Windows® and Linux®
*Gen 2 multi-lane PCI-express currently provides the best streaming performance within the Spectrum range
Find out more about PCI-Express. Click here for more information
Find out more about PCI-X. Click here for more information
A dedicated fan for cooling the card bay of your PC, hence inserted cards, is recommended.
Essential for multiple card installations and any number of the M4i series.

generatorNETBOX - link to information page

Spectrum's generatorNETBOX places the ultra fast instrumentation card technology described on this page into a robust enclosure that can be attached to the Gbit Ethernet port of a computer. Combine with a notebook PC and DC option for portability, or within an extended Ethernet network which may include more generatorNETBOX units. This unit includes its own Web server which gives the facility to remotely view and configure the setup. It also has its own IP address so that waveform signal data can be streamed from a client PC. The generatorNETBOX is very portable and can be taken with the operator, (e.g within a vehicle) using a notebook PC and DC option. For complete independence from a host computer, an embedded server option, with installed CPU, RAM and SSD is also available as an upgrade option.

The generatoNETBOX docking station package includes SBench6 Professional for easy set up, generation of standard waveforms (sine, square etc), load in data for any signal shape, or generate signals from user defined mathematical formula. Windows/Linux drivers also provide programming support for MATLAB™, LabVIEW™, or one of many popular languages such as Visual Basic or C. Interested? Click here for more details and a complete list of models!


M2i (PCIe - x1 lane or PCI/PCI-X)
Please click on the images for more information
(MS/s = mega samples per second)
M2i.60xx navigation imageM2i.60xx 14 bit20, 60, 125MS/s1, 2, 4
M2i.61xx navigation imageM2i.61xx 8 bit125 MS/s1, 2, 4

M4i (PCIe x8-lane)
M4i.66xx card navigation imageM4i.66xx 16 bit625, 1250 MS/s1 , 2 , 4


This extensive card range provides a particularly modular and robust format, very popular in the industrial environment. The latest generation 3U PXIe format cards are represented by the M4x range. Also we have 3U PXI and 6U compactPCI cards with well proven signal generation hardware. All are notable by the fact that synchronisation and triggering is neatly connected across a back plane of the mating enclosure

M4x (3U PXIe - x4 lane)
PXIe card navigation imageM4x.66xx 16 bit625, 1250 MS/s1 , 2 , 4
Mx (3U PXI) and Mc (6U compactPCI)
Mx.60xx card navigation imageMx.60xx 14 bit20, 60, 125MS/s1 , 2
Mx61xxcard navigation imageMx.61xx 8 bit125MS/s2
Mc.60xx card navigation imageMc.60xx 14 bit20, 60, 125MS/s1 , 2 , 4
Mc.61xx card navigation imageMc.61xx 8 bit125MS/s2 , 4