High Frequency Wide Bandwidth Preamplifier Modules

Our range of quality high frequency wide bandwidth amplifiers from Spectrum are in a neat robust modular case, ideal for use as external MHz / GHz pre-amplifiers for the Spectrum signal capture cards, or any similar high-speed applications where very small micro or millivolt signals require high gain amplification. All DC versions feature a manually adjustable voltage output offset, together with exceptional dynamic low noise performance.
  • Very wide bandwidth from Hz up to GHz RF frequencies
  • Pre-amplifier modules with upper bandwidth (-3dB) limit of 10 MHz to 2.5 GHz
  • Amplification of x10 (20dB), x100 (40dB) and x1000 (60dB)
  • 50 ohm or 1 MOhm input impedance - (see data table below)
  • Switchable AC/DC input coupling and dual gain settings on models up to 200MHz
  • Manual output offset easily adjustable on models with DC coupling
  • Standard sturdy BNC in/out signal cable connectors. SMA for GHz models.
  • Suitable for use with Spectrum A/D signal capture cards or similar amplification applications
  • 100 - 240V AC mains to DC converter supply unit included
Amplifer module SPA.1402, orientated to show power and output connection.
VersionUpper -3dB Bandwidth (+/-10%)Lower -3dB Bandwidth (AC mode)Input CouplingInput ImpedanceOutput ImpedanceGain 1Gain 2
SPA.18412.2GHz10KHzAC only50 0hm50 0hmx100 (40dB)N/A
SPA.18012.5GHz10KHzAC only50 0hm50 0hmx10 (20dB)N/A
SPA.1601500MHzn/aDC only50 0hm50 0hmx10 (20dB)N/A
SPA.1412200MHz1HzAC/DC1 Mohm50 0hmx10 (20dB)x100 (40dB)
SPA.1411200MHz1KHzAC/DC50 ohm50 0hmx10 (20dB)x100 (40dB)
SPA.123210MHz1HzAC/DC1 Mohm50 0hmx100 (40dB)x1000 (60dB)
SPA.123110MHz1KHzAC/DC50 ohm50 0hmx100 (40dB)x1000 (60dB)
Input (overload) limit +/- 3V (SPA.1841, 1801), all others +/-5V
Maximum Output: +/- 1.9V (into 50 ohm) and +/- 4.0V (into 1M ohm)
Dimensions (excluding connectors and toggle switches):   Length: 54mm, Width 43mm, Height 22mm. (SPA.1801, 1841)
All others; Length: 94mm, Width 51mm, Height 27mm
IncludedExternal power supply for all SPA amplifiers, 110-240VAC, type C euro mains connector with UK adaptor plug
Amplifier module system, package contents Signal Amplifer module comparison mhz and ghz.

Delivery: The pre-amplifier module also comes with a auto-ranging 100 - 240V AC to +/- 15VDC power supply and power connection cables. The AC power cable is terminated in a type C euro connector, however for UK use we automatically provide a neat converter that clamps over the euro end (pictured) approved by BSI to all relevant standards. We can on request provide a supply power supply with US/Japan mains connector as substitute.

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For a informative list of glossary of commonly used amplifier terms click here.

If you do require any further information please feel free to contact us here at DataQuest Solutions.
Amplifer module SPA.1402, orientated to show power and output connection.

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