About DataQuest Solutions

Originally based in Henlow, Bedfordshire and now in Ruskington, Lincolnshire, DataQuest Solutions is a U.K. based company built on a solid base of technical expertise and since its foundation in 2003 has continually striven to supply and support the best computer based hardware and software products. Our customer base includes major multi-nationals, institutes, government based bodies, universities and small specialist companies - who are often at the forefront of product design. Read here about some of the interesting design projects.

These projects spanned many fields of research and industrial applications, such as:

  • Ultrasonics
  • Quantum computing development
  • Laser based systems, optics, photodiode detection
  • Sonar and Radar
  • Nuclear fusion
  • Telecoms / RF data transmission systems
  • Automatic testing of electronic equipment
  • Medical research
  • Spectroscopy
  • Geophysics
  • Structural analysis
  • Satellite positioning
  • Signal Data analysis
  • And many more.....!
The wide range of products for all areas of industry and research

Recognising the needs of industry and research we worked with established innovative manufacturers to bring the best-in-class products to market and for more than 18 years took on the role of U.K. distributor for Spectrum Instrumentation GmbH a manufacturer with more than two decade's experience in designing and building technologically advanced and innovative electronic cards for the PC and industrial rack.

We also built up expertise is in the supply of portable computer systems for all kinds of environments, from the comfortable office to the deck of a ship. These products we sold fell into two main categories:

  • Portable industrial computers in a strong carry case designs with fold away keyboards.
  • Portable docking stations to allow many types of PCI and PCI-Express cards with notebook /tablet PC, or to expand outside a desktop PC chassis.

Ahead of the retirement of Mike Montague, Technical Director and the founder of the company it was decided that from January 2022 the way the company operated would change. A gradual winding down process was started with the emphasis to maintain a good working relationship our existing customers, adapting our service to one post-sales technical support and to help process warranty claims and repairs that might arise. This way doing our best to ensure that they continue to realise an excellent return on their investment. The winding down process we envisage will continue to 2024 and whilst there is no precise timing we will strive to continue supporting past customers as long as possible during that period.

Below is a link to our terms and conditions of business. Although we are no longer selling new products into the U.K., the information relating to warranty and returns remains relevant.

pdf terms and condtions document(76K)DataQuest Solutions Terms and Conditions of Business .pdf (76KB)


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