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PCI Express Docking Station EB7

Docking Stations provide an easy way to add further PCI-Express slots to a desktop PC or industrial computer. In the latter case it allows compact computers to be used in test rigs in a more robust configuration. By insertion of different PCIe cards it is possible to produce a system with almost limitless functionality. So for example, with Spectrum PCI Express boards installed, you could have a signal capture system, waveform generator and bus analyser all in one docking station enclosure. The PCIe Docking Station / expansion system described on this page is essentially transparent to the installed card and "plug and play" to the PC system, therefore extra drivers are not normally required, just those for your PCIe card.

Seven PCIe slot model EB7-X8G2

PCIe Docking Station. Seven PCIe slots

THe EB7 docking station provides seven PCI Express slots and suitable for all PCI-Express cards physically and electrically up eight lanes. The great benefit of this unit is that it allows easy access and exchange of cards. Hot-swap of cards is even possible. This makes the EB7 ideal for R&D, test work, or where the PC you are using cannot take ¾ or full-length cards. A 550 watt power supply allows high powered PCIe boards to be fitted. The 4U high chassis may be rack mounted if required. Please use the data sheet at the bottom of this webpage for more technical details on the PCIe slots and their performance.

Up to four additional hard drives can be fitted. For this an optional drive cage is required, order code: RDRIVECAGE. Please state if required at time of order. A third-party PCIe SATA drive controller card is required too; however many are available on the computer market and quite inexpensive. This can then be fitted into one of the seven available PCIe slots of the EB7.

The interface to the is made using a 3.0m. cable and x-8 lane PCI-Express interface card. This card is physically a low profile (64.41mm) design, to slot inside a many designs of compact or standard size computer chassis.

link to the detailed specifications for 7 slot Docking Station Seven slot PCIe Docking Station data sheet

Specifications overview

EB7-X8G2Seven (all card lengths up to 312mm) 483mm x 450mm X 178mm 11.84Kg External 100 to 240V AC

OS compatibility:- Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS X® (versions 10.4 +),
Also Windows Server 2008 onwards, Linux®, Oracle Solaris®.

If you require any further advice please do no hesitate to contact us.

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